Product Name:29.MIS3OBC201-L
Key Facts
Built in LED makes it visible in dark
4D Off-Table Hand Track with USB Interface
I-Mac:Blue body with Black ball

  • Built in LED makes user find it easy in dark,convenient for presentation or playing game
  • I-Mac:Blue body with Black ball
  • Patented, brand new input device
  • 4D hand track with USB interface
  • Single ball, high speed optical 4D scroll inside
  • Off-table operation; without space limitation
  • 4D page scrolling function can be controlled simply by your thumb
  • The harm of radiation and body fatigue owing to using a traditional mouse can be reduced
  • Compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/NT
  • Target users: notebook PC users and long-time PC operators
  • Resolution:400dpi
  • Available in translucent colors:blue,green,pink,blue-green,orange
  • Package:to be packed in back card and blister


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